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Greetings to all!!!


Daylilies By The Pond
David & Sara Knackstedt
781 State Route 61 E.
Norwalk, Ohio 44857

Hi everyone, I sure hope that everyone has survived our very cold and snowy winter!!!  Yup, it's that time again,  time to make that wish list for daylilies and other plants for some new colors!!  Here is my updated daylily price list.  I have some really cool new daylilies (ok, new for me) and I've sold out some daylilies that haven't been performing well, in zone 5. Sigh.     


whenever possible I will be sending more than a double fan, in lieu of a bonus plant.  When I can't send those extras, I'll let you know and you will be able to pick out a bonus.  I do this, because, I prefer to get extra fans.  I've gotten way too many bonus plants, and don't you know it?  I already have that one! Sigh. Living in the north,  I would rather have almost a clump, as growing clumps in the north can sometimes take 3-4 years!!!  Hate that!  Again, I will be excepting paypal, money orders, and personal checks as payment.  Just let me know your preference.  I will expect payment for spring shipment the first week in april. Please, email me your possible order, in order for me to make sure that the daylilies on your order are available!!!

Shipping will start around the first week in may.  I can adjust this slightly, only if our spring arrives early.  My fans aren't huge like the southern daylilies until around the first week in June.  However,,,,,,, the roots!!!  With my sandy soil, I have such nice roots!    

Please, never hesitate to contact me with any questions.  I sell daylilies for two reasons: 1.  Love of the daylily itself.  2.  Love meeting all you wonderfuland great gardeners.  Contacting me is never a problem and I never expect an order, but I'm very pleased when someone does decide to trust me with an order!     

I sure hope that you all have a really fantastic gardening season.  Always look to see what I've purchased as 'new' for the garden (most of those are on the limited list). I dearly love those up and coming new daylilies!! Hehehe!!    I will try to get seedling pictures in july and get them posted here!  Can't wait!!   

Being an ahs display garden, we welcome visitors to come and see the gardens. A call or email ahead is appreciated (hey, I have to hit the grocery store sometimes! Hehe) bloom times are all approximate: bearded iris last week in may, Asiatic lilies last week in june, daylily peak is around july 10th, orienpets mid july, hostas all summer!!

David & Sara
Daylilies By The Pond